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New Developments in our area

Proposed development of the area beyond the Stock Theft Unit and Botha Street.  Read more ...

Is Kestell to become a city?  Read more ...

Existing Organisations:

Community Policing Forum - Contact Warrant Officer Fick at 058 653 8201


Organisations under construction

Coordination Committee

Kestell Residents' Association - for important matters affecting residents in Kestell click on the logo below


Kestell Residents Association

Kestell Conservancy

Business Forum


You can assist in setting up any of these organisations by sending us your details, but we are still working on the privacy issues as well as the best mechanism for gathering and distributing information.  The Co-ordination Committee is responsible for the web infrastructure and any assistance should be offered to them as indicated below. A Co-ordination Committee member ought to be present at all public Civil Society meetings in Kestell, we're hoping that invitations will be forthcoming and will do our best to be conspicuous at each such meeting.



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